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We organize tailor-made tours in Iceland. We are based in Reykjavík and we would love to organize your dream holiday in our beautiful country!

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About us

Planet Iceland, a local travel agency

We offer tours around Iceland all year around, both to individuals and groups.

Planet Iceland offers tailor-made services for our customers, putting a great emphasis on excellent services and a great experience on every tours.


Planet Iceland aims to support the local community as well as focusing in building a good relationship with our fellow colleagues in the sector, our neighbours, suppliers and customers.


Planet Iceland’s main goal is to be a leading company in sustainable tourism in Iceland along with providing excellent customer service and great variety of tours to our customers.

fully licensed by the Icelandic Tourist Board.
Local travel agency
and deep ties within the Icelandic Travel Industry.
30 years experience
We offer fully flexible tours with car rental, accommodations and optional activities.
Self-drive tours
From glacier walks to northern lights hunting, Iceland offers all kind of fun activities, ask us! 🙂
We speak English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Icelandic.

Our Team

Meet our people

We're here for you! Thanks to our Icelandic and international staff, we're able to build partnerships on multiple markets.

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Our Sustainability Policy

The acknowledgment of the "Travelife Partner" award reflects our dedication to social and environmental sustainability. We adhere to over 145 criteria encompassing sustainability management, office operations, collaboration with suppliers, and communication with customers. Our ongoing efforts are geared towards continual enhancements with the ultimate goal of attaining the "Travelife Certified" status, complying to 230 criteria.

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At Planet Iceland, we are steadfast in our commitment to fostering sustainable growth in our business operations. Recognising the profound importance of the environment, communities, and cultures that surround us, we acknowledge that their well-being is integral to the success of our enterprise.

Responsible travel is a cornerstone of our company's identity. We aspire to magnify the positive impacts of tourism on individuals and local communities while mitigating negative social, environmental, and economic effects. Our dedication to sustainability is an ongoing endeavour involving every member of our company.

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Our Actions

It is a work in progress for everyone in our company. We therefore commit to the following objectives:

Legal and Ethical Compliance:
  • Complying with all relevant environmental, public, and occupational health and safety, hygiene, and employment legislation and regulations.
  • Embedding sustainable development principles into core business practices.
  • Assuring our clients data safety by complying to the GDPR.
  • Protect the members of the society, especially children from exploitation.
Destination Leadership:
  • Leveraging our position to drive sustainability within our destination.
Environmental Preservation:
  • Continually improving our environmental performance and preserving our environment.
  • Measuring and reducing our use of natural resources, with a goal of becoming a paper-free company by 2025.


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